Saturday, March 31, 2012

A is for Apple

Welcome to the first post of my A to Z Blogfest series on the fictional world of my novel, The Golden Gryphon. For the next month, each post will start with a letter of the alphabet.

 "A is for apple of course
But this kind of Apple's a horse
With her mistress she traveled
Til their plan was unraveled
And nightstalkers drove them off course"


Poor Apple, the gray saddle-pony of my heroine Marenya, lady's maid to the future queen of Belhanor. This apple-loving mare is used to an easy life. Neither of them is prepared for the dangers ahead.

But she and Marenya are a team, just like the other characters and their mounts. When a large part of your life is spent on horseback, you learn to consider your horse the same as a person. In fact, Marenya accuses Faldur, the hero, of preferring horses to people.

He doesn't dispute it.