Friday, July 11, 2014

An Exciting Announcement x 3

Last November, I submitted three stories for publication. To my surprise and astonishment, all three were accepted for publication. I'm still in shock. I'm waiting for someone to tell me they made a mistake. So far, no notices. So.... it's time to make the following announcement:

"The Beach House," about a woman being haunted by her childhood best friend and the impending end of the world, will be published in the anthology READING GLASSES by Hypothetical Press this August.

"The Dragon in the Kettle," in which a dragon's egg heating a blacksmith's forge hatches unexpectedly, will be published in TALES FROM FORTANNIS: A BARD DAY'S KNIGHT via Double Dragon.

"Bessie Returns," about the Loch Ness monster's cousin in Lake Erie, will appear in DIFFERENT DRAGONS VOL. II from Wolfsinger Press.