Saturday, April 18, 2015

Can You Hear Me Squee?

My first solo book signing is just a week away. I'll be at The Book Asylum in Blackwood on April 25th from 1-3 pm. I have my very own dragon pen, thanks to my friend and fellow author Jennifer Eaton, for the occasion, and A BARD DAY'S KNIGHT arrived just in time.

One of the things I'd forgotten about writing is how cool it is to see your words in actual print, and have people tell you that they loved reading them. More than that, reading the words myself and thinking that it sounds like something I might have written, but is way cooler. The publishing process takes so long, it's easy to lose touch with our work between submission and publication. Reading something with new eyes, and tearing up as I did this morning, is like an out-of-body experience. Did I really write that? Oh, yeah. I did.

In the last light of the sun's vanishing edge he saw a great, skinny head rise above the water. Bessie bellowed once, calling her calf. The sound was as ancient as the glaciers that had carved this lake and as rich as its waters. The calf's head came up and it swam to its mother.
- "Bessie's Return"

So come on out and meet me and the utterly sweet Book Asylum proprietor, Rosemary, try a coffee drink or gourmet snack, and browse her fantastic selection of new and used books. I can't wait!

The Book Asylum is at 26 N Black Horse Pike, Blackwood NJ, 08012. The Mocha Vodka Valium Latte is not actually for sale, but I keep hoping.