Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Links for Fiction Writers

I went to a new writer's group last night, and had a really good time. It was nice to see real, live persons for a change. Not that I don't adore and value my blogging buddies - you guys are priceless.

Anyway, since several of the people who attended seemed unfamiliar with the resources out there for newbies, and I was foolish enough to give them my blog address, I thought I'd put up some of my favorite links.

Anybody have any good ones to add?

In no particular order, they are...

The Coffee-Stained Writer: Story Arcs
Flogging the Quill:First Page Challenge
Story as River
Transitions: From here to there, and then to now
Openings: Kitty Cats in Action
Formatting Your Manuscript
Basic Query Letter Formula
Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer
How to Write a Synopsis
How a book gets published
How to write a book proposal
What Agents Hate

Do not, I repeat, do NOT, curl up into a fetal ball at any of this information. Feel free to disregard as much of it as you choose. It's taken me three years to get past the fetal ball reaction to even the mention of the "p-word" (publication).

Just keep writing!


  1. Oh, I'll have to favorite this post. I could really use some of those links.

    Thanks for the effort.

    And, I know what you mean by needing to see a fellow writer face-to-face once in a while. I get really involved in the on-line community, but it takes my writers group to remind me that writers are not just the words we see on the paper. They have faces and personalities beyond their novel plots/characters. So its good that you have that in your life, and I also feel I'm a better person, if not better writer, for having that basic contact.

    I love the Joseph Devon quote. I've seen that before, on another blog or three, though I can't remember where. Doesn't matter. I think when I figure out how refine my own blog I'm going to have a favorite quotes section, section, and this one will definitely top the heap. Its very inspirational.

    Thanks for all the resources. I don't have anything to add; I'm still collecting other writer's advice.


  2. Donna, I stole the quote from my friend Michelle Gregory at Beautiful Chaos. She's got pages of quotes she's collected.

    Collected Quotes


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