Friday, November 19, 2010

Where Do You Find the Time?

It's an awfully good thing I'm not doing Nano this year, because I would be so far behind I'd never catch up!  Life has just been crazy.  I just got back from New York again, and was in D.C. earlier this week.  I keep having this insane idea that I'll write in my hotel room, but I get so exhausted by the time I get back in the evening I just fall asleep.

The only writing I got done was for about an hour yesterday while in transit, and half an hour while eating in a restaurant alone on Tuesday.  And that's probably the most I've done in weeks.

I'm looking forward to being with my long lost family this weekend, but I doubt I'll get any writing done.

How in the world do you all find time to write?


  1. Well, at the moment I have no job, no kids and my bf lives in a different state than me. So, I have to do something besides watch tv and ignore the house work that I could be doing.

  2. Lately, not much writing has been going on and it's a little frustrating. When life takes over, the mind goes a little dizzy.
    I hope you have fun with your family and you get some writing time in.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. here and there whenever i can, but never as much as i want to. hope you get some time in soon.

  4. I actually wrote 10k words last weekend at the writing retreat but that was an exception. I usually write at night, then im exhausted, after everything has been taken care of.

    I am pretty lucky to have a husband who does more than his share of housework and childcare and doesnt have a problem with me going out one or two nights a week to write. I still think he's expecting me to land a six figure book deal lol.

    and honestly, i rarely watch TV except for one or two select shows

  5. I didn't do NaNo; I write at my own slugs pace. And get very proud of myself when I accomplish more than two paragraphs. In a week or . .

    My day job leave me little time writing/reading/blogging or anything I consider fun. Don't sweat it christine; just be pleased with the moments you get. They are all the more productive for their rarity.


  6. Ditto to what Michelle said.

    I also try to schedule some time away to concentrate on writing. Sometimes, I escape to a friend's condo. Sometimes, it's just a day at Sandy Cove. But every little bit helps.

    It also helps when you have a deadline. HA!!

  7. Ah, yes. Finding time to write - there's the rub.
    Sometimes, I squeeze it in at lunchtime, BUT I have to leave my office and go to Starbucks or something, otherwise, people keep coming in there and asking me stuff (they have no respect for lunch hours in this particular corporation!)

    I get up early on weekends and then I write. I get up early naturally on weekends, cuz I'm so excited to be have the two days free. So I scribble or type furiously while the family sleeps in.

    Overall, though, I'm terribly undisciplined of late, partly because I write (or rewrite) all day at work AND because I work on articles from time to time, which ultimately means stalling on my "own" work. Sigh.

    We must press on.

  8. Westcobich... I have tried writing at Starbuck's but the muzak drives me nuts. I'm impressed that you can concentrate there!

  9. I don't find the time - I have to steal it. I steal it away from my friends, my horses, and most of all, my husband. Thankfully he supports me in my efforts to get published - he's the best!

    The other place I steal it from is my sleep. Which is why I'm on the computer at 3:00 AM!

    Just wanted to drop by and say 'hi' before jumping back into my story...

  10. Oh gee whiz... I had a comment here addressing everyone else's comments and it didn't show up for some reason.

    Thank you for all your insights. I guess we all have to go through different stages in our journey.

    Krista, you are my hero. I know you have at least one child much younger than mine. I don't know how you do it. I'm so glad you got to go on the writer's retreat. I'm hoping I can go next year.

    Dawn - I hope you get a lot of writing done in this seemingly uneventful time in your life. And that you get to see your bf for the holidays.

    Roh - I envy your ability to work in the wee hours. I can't function with less than 8 hours of sleep. I'm honored you are reading my blog when you could be writing!

    Pam - I never had time to congratulate you! That is so awesome that you have an agent. I look forward to seeing your Fairyeater book in print! By the way, do they come in different flavors, like beef jerky? ;-)

    Michelle, Christine and Donna... we'll just plug away little by little together.

    Westcobich, you're more disciplined than I am. I find myself crashing on weekends because I'm so tired. Keep writing!


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