Friday, May 20, 2011

A Fond Farewell

It's been a pleasure blogging and sharing with you all the past couple of years. I'm sorry I didn't get to finally finish editing my novel. But since the Rapture is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 6 pm EDT local time, apparently sweeping the globe hour by hour, this will be my last blog post.

I'll see you in Paradise. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a hot fudge sundae since I'm not sure my heavenly body can tolerate all that fat and sugar!


  1. Should I go there drunk?

    I'm sorry you didn't get the novel revised by D day too. You know how much I adore your characters and your world.

    You'll get there Christine. And I hope this is not THE END the end.

    I seel CIC has the end of the world question. I'll go check it out. I'm sure Marlena and Aidan have some hot plans . .


  2. Actually, I'm writing a steamy scene for Faldur and Marenya at the moment, to get myself back into the groove with them.


    I can only imagine what God would say to me if the world did end tomorrow:

    "I gave you one book to write... just one. And you spent all your time goofing off on the Internet? Writing sex scenes? You're going through the Tribulation, girlie. See you in five months."

  3. Betsy and I were just chatting on email how she feels like Marenya's cheating on Aidan with Faldur.

    I replied that she's really cheating on Faldur with Aidan!

    The cutest part is Ginger and Kaelin. They had the sweetest impromptu wedding ever.

    I am so in love with Kae it's not even funny.

  4. It's awfully quiet out there for the end of the world...

  5. I must live out in space somewhere 'cause I just heard about this (rapture) yesterday. LOL. I think I'll stay up in space for a bit longer. ☺

  6. Ted, I dunno. There is enough war, revolution, blood, violence, turmoil, flooding, earthquakes, radiation leaks and nuclear threats to satisfy even MY skepticism. I've said several times to my husband as we watch the news that it seems like the end of the world.

  7. Here is an article about it:

    Harold Camping is at the center of a mediapocalypse

    I've heard this guy on the radio and he comes across as very pleasant and fatherly, thoughtful. But then when I start listening to some of the stuff he's saying, I start to think, "where in the world is he coming from?" He knows his Bible but he has some funny ideas and has denounced ALL the churches of the world as false. Which is definitely NOT biblical.

    Anyway, it's based on some mathematical equation relating to the date of the crucifixion of Christ and some predictions in Revelation or something like that.

  8. i'm glad it didn't end. i'd really like to do this Montana adventure for a while. is that selfish? and i'd like to finish Black Heart. but his plans come first, so whenever...

    btw, would love to read the steamy stuff with F and M, but only in document form. found i couldn't follow the stuff in the comments for the others.

  9. I'm spending the day writing. Figure if I'm going out, it's be doing something I love... that said, I made sure I've got clean socks for tomorrow, assuming that there will be a tomorrow.

  10. And.... I'm still here.

    Either I've been left behind or it was all a big hoax.


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