Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

It's time again for a Sunday Snapshot of your work in progress.  Post the last paragraph or several lines of dialogue that you wrote. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't even have to be good. It just has to be yours!

The more, the merrier. I love reading snippets of what everyone else is writing.

Here's mine:

She caught one last view of the house as she drove away. A normal, white colonial farmhouse set in a diorama of green created by spreading trees and a ten-foot-high arborvitae hedge. Bright clumps of red and yellow mums sat on the porch, smiling at her through the rain.  She had no idea if she’d ever see it again.


  1. If the ocean looked big from the deck of a ship, it looked infinite when Scarson landed in it. His father still aboard Wreckless Lips tossed down a rope that was tied to additional rations, and then threw the rations overboard next to Scarson.

    "I love you, boy," his father said from above. "You and Rash both. Tell her I said that when you find her. Now keep your head low. You and Rash are far to valuable to be lost."

    "When are you and Mommy going to come get us?"

    "I don't know, son, but don't worry. I've been through worse than this, and so has your mom. Now drift out to a safe point and don't let them see you."

    - Eric

  2. Mr. Bachman stopped thumbing through his paperwork. The old man's dark eyes seemed to hold the weight of many years behind them. Aaron felt a wave of history crash over him as he stood there. The bookstore itself was like time trapped in a capsule. Yellowed and musty the books still led through paths to the past. Why he felt this he didn't know but he realized, without understanding why, that Mr. Bachman wasn't as crusty as he made himself out to be. His grandfather had often seemed the same way, only coming out of his shell to get a glimpse of the real man when he told one of his silly jokes. It must be lonely to be old, even if you have the ghosts of your past to keep you company.
    “Is there something else?” he asked Aaron.
    Aaron just shook his head and left, hoping he found an ally.

  3. Wow, you both have such great tension and great voice in your writing!


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