Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three Years

I saw this on Myra McEntire's blog this morning.  She has some awesome inspiration for writers there.  And some really funny YouTube videos.

This one hit me in the solar plexus, though.

(Embedded Family Guy video has been removed)

Yes, it's been three years. Three. 3. Trois. Tres. THREE YEARS. 


P.S. Don't forget the Cute Fest is still going on!


  1. It's been two for me. Nolite te bastardes corunbunduram.

  2. This is awesome! One June 1 it will be three for me.

  3. I try not to count... just hope I don't run out of fingers.

  4. Bane - he he. You made me laugh.

  5. I love Family Guy and Stewie and Brian. And I love this little snippet of the show. As for me and the novel? It's been far too long.

  6. I have sort of a stupid comment to make -a question really - but does anyone besides me think that the Janowrimo Goal Winner icon on the left side of this screen, below the "useful links for writers" looks like a goat's butt?

  7. It appears the video is no longer allowed to run. I keep forgetting YouTube is basically piracy. Sorry!


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