Monday, May 31, 2010

A Darling Blogfest, and other exciting news

Author Michelle Gregory is hosting a Share Your Darlings Blogfest on July 1st.  You know the old saying, "Kill your darlings?" Well this is a chance to resurrect those deleted scenes you just absolutely loved and your critique partners didn't, or that you voluntarily sacrificed for the sake of story structure. So sign up at her blog, Beautiful Chaos, and post your scenes on July 1st!

Also, I am a winner!!! I am so psyched.  I never win anything.  But Aubrie at Flutey Words has chosen little ol' me to receive a free copy of her book, TheVoices of Ire.  I'm really looking forward to reading it and I promise to post a review when I'm done.
A couple of coming events:  Ann Pino, author of Maelstrom, will be my guest for an interview sometime soon.  As soon as she returns from her fabulous hiking vacation.  I met Ann about a year and half ago at Come In Character, where she is known as "bunnygirl."  I've had the great pleasure of getting to know her since then.  She is a wonderful person, writes really fun flash fiction which is now available in novel form, and her characters are dynamite.  At CIC, Faldur has developed something of a crush for her attractive djinn guitarist, Kalila.  Please check out Ann's website!  The ebook is currently available, and the paperback will be released soon.

Also, I am planning to have a 100 Followers Contest after I make more progress on my book. So watch this space for developments.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and remember to thank everyone you meet who has served our country, not just this weekend but every day.  Freedom isn't free, and they pay the price for us.


  1. Have a great day Christine. And I will pop by CIC.



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