Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let's Talk Blogfest

Roni at *Fiction Groupie*  is hosting the "Let's Talk" blogfest today.  She suggested we post a short excerpt of sparkly dialogue.  My WIP doesn't have a lot of sparkly chat, but there is one scene involving a mischievous younger brother who can't resist teasing his sister about her upcoming nuptials.

(Note: I posted this back in March but I don't think too many people saw it, so I'm hoping you don't mind my posting it again.)

When they had eaten, Gorrith announced, “I have composed a song.  Would you like to hear it?”

“No!” cried Pelwyn.

“Yes!” said everyone else.

Gorrith stood up from where he had been lounging on the grass, clasped his hands behind his back and began to sing in a clear, pleasant voice.

We’re going to Tor Aden
It grieves my heart to tell
That Melbrinor put Pelwyn
Underneath his spell

They’re going to be married
Now toll the wedding bells
For Melbrinor and Pelwyn
Will soon be wed “Pell-Mell”

He made a deep bow and everyone laughed, even Pelwyn. “When I am Queen, you won’t dare tease me.”

“When you are Queen, you will need teasing more than ever.”

“You would make an excellent minstrel,” said Marenya.  “You would do well to get paid for your nonsense.”

“I would take payment now, my lady,” said Gorrith.

“All I have is this piece of cake.”

“That will do nicely.”

She handed it to him and he sat down again and proceeded to pick out the currents, leaving the cake.

“You’re ruining it!” said Marenya.

“No, I am merely taking the currency from it as my payment.”  He grinned, and all she could do was shake her head at him.


  1. Very nice, very cute. I love his song. And I loved the 'currency' bit.

  2. I love this excerpt! It's exactly the stuff I like to read. "Pell Mell" made me laugh :) Very cute.

  3. I loved it!! The banter back and forth was done well!

  4. Fun banter, and I love the word play. Cute and engaging!

  5. nice. once again, i missed my chance. oh well.

  6. Michelle, you can still do the blogfest if you want to. Just click on the link on my post and sign up!

    I guess I should start posting about these ahead of time.

  7. I love the humour of this, as well as the way the banter works.

  8. This was a fun piece - very good natured. And I love his song. Well done!

  9. Thank you so much for all the great comments. I've really enjoyed the blogfest, and getting to know so many wonderful writers over the past few months. What a terrific place the writing community is!

  10. Really cute and light-hearted. Enjoyed it. :)

    Thanks for participating!

  11. What fun; and so flirty too. You're a natural at verse Christine.


  12. This is sweet, light and fun--somewhat like yummy cake. ;)

  13. Awww, nice :) I like the banter and how he says she'll need teasing more when she's Queen. It's so cute and warm ;~)

  14. This was completely adorable. Great banter :)


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