Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do you look like your Main Character?

I'm just curious.

At the moment, I resemble Marenya more than I did before.  Unintentionally.

Those of you who color your own hair are familiar with that wildly unpredictable game of "hair color roulette" that we all play.  Will the color I end up with actually resemble the color on the box? Or will it turn out completely different?  Even your hairdresser doesn't know for sure.

My hair was a bleached blonde over the summer.  "Neon" would be a more appropriate term. Remember Pony Boy from "The Outsiders?"  I have a lot of natural red tones, so even the lightest color kits - those that are supposed to make you look like an albino - still come out golden yellow.  But it was summer, I was at the beach, what the hey!

My personnel photo for my new job, however, looked really tacky.  So I decided to try to go back to my natural color. In order to do this, I used a medium ash blonde over the yellow. "Ash" refers to the greyish blondes and is supposed to be good for reducing red and gold tones. 

Well, it came out "ash" all right.  Literally grey. I looked like I'd just gained twenty years.

In desperation, I went and got a golden blonde to put over the grey, thinking that the two tones would then balance out. Well, they didn't quite balance. Instead, the ash reacted with the gold and gave me... brown! 

Yes, brown. Which has since faded to a light auburn.

Like oak leaves in autumn.

Like... Marenya.


  1. i wish i looked like my mc - Monica Belluci.

  2. And there's no pictorial proof? We're just taking your word for it? ;)

  3. Why are photo occasions a magnet for hair crisis?

  4. Oh, Geez! When I had creamsicle orange hair for St. Patrick's Day I had to post proof too. No one believed me. (on FB)

    If you think I'm gonna post a photo of myself with grey hair Simon, you are sadly mistaken.

    Will, I have no idea other than a misguided effort to look good.


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