Saturday, March 12, 2011

Painfully Familiar

After working on the same book for so long, the characters with whom I was once so rapturously in love have now become like painfully familiar relatives I am reluctant to introduce to society.

 Insert gratuitous Hugh Jackman photo here:


  1. That probably happens to a lot of writers. I wonder what we can do to keep it fresh?

  2. reluctant to introduce them because they're misbehaving, or because you're worried about what people will think of them?

  3. Both, I think, Michelle!

    Sarah: Hugh helps a lot. He was the physical inspiration for Faldur. Well, he's a lot taller, but still...!

  4. Be still my pounding heart . .

    Sometimes you just gotta be satisfied with the writing, know you've done your best, and send it out to the agenting world.

    Too much feedback can stifle the overall objective of the story.

    I will send my e-mail tomorrow.


  5. I just changed one of my characters. Not the actual character but the person I see in my head when I write about him. I don't do that often, but...this time it was necessary. I was just tired of the old one. I don't know how anyone could get tired of thinking about Hugh Jackman though...*sigh* lol

  6. Oh poor thing! I'm so sorry!!! I hate when that happens, it's then I pray for a new idea to sweep me off my feet!


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