Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot, and an update on my retreat

I had a FANTASTIC weekend "off the grid." I knew we wouldn't have wi-fi, but I wasn't expecting "zero bars" on my cell phone, too.  I got so much done, and feel comfortable about talking to an agent next weekend. I sincerely doubt I will get a request for a partial, but if I do, I'm ready.

I could do this once a month.  It was just so great to be in a cabin with four other writers, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and writing.  I arrived around 8 pm Friday. It took a while to find the place in the dark.  But the cabin was clean and everything was in good order.  I wrote until 10:30, went to bed, woke up at four-thirty on Saturday morning, wrote all day (except for meals and a long walk) until after midnight, got up at 6:30 Sunday and wrote until 1:30 pm.

Of course there was plenty of comraderie as well, and food.  We used almost an entire can of Melitta coffee in a mere 36 hours!  I'm sure the other campers wondered what cult those strange women belonged to who almost never stirred from their cabin.

And now it's time for the Sunday Snapshot.  Post the last paragraph (or about five lines of dialogue) that you wrote.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  It doesn't even have to be good.  It just has to be yours.

“What else did he tell you?”

“He told me,” said Faldur, “not to bring hawen along on missions, because they waste their breath on useless questions.”

“And distract the Captains from their duties,” added Gorrith, who had come up behind them.

“Hush, you idiot!” hissed Marenya, afraid the men would overhear.


  1. Congrats on accomplishing so much over the weekend! How lovely...AND to have writer's there to inspire you!
    Have a great week and hopefully you can share with an agent! Good Luck with that!

  2. so glad you had a productive weekend. i need to do one of these too and soon.

  3. Congrats on your productive (and fun) weekend and good luck with your agent meet!
    - Sophia.

  4. Don't know how I missed this post! Glad to hear you had a great weekend, it sounds heavenly! A cabin in the woods! *sighs wistfully*

    Here's the last thing I wrote on Thornbriar, my retelling of Beauty and the Beast:

    "You need not explain your disdain of me." Beauty forced herself to breath slowly and deeply.

    "I am not trying to. Indeed, I think it would be impossible. What I want you to know, is that you have earned my belief in you. Despite everything, you are my Queen, and I vow myself to you, to your efforts in breaking this curse. No matter the cost to myself." The Huntsman's voice quavered then, as if emotion was leeching through the steel of his dispassionate resolve.


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