Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

It's time for a Sunday Snapshot! I haven't done one of these in ages.

Post an excerpt (100 words or less) of the last thing you wrote. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't even have to be good... it just has to be yours! Here's mine:

“Car accident. If anyone asks, I was in a car accident.” 

Crystal fumbled with her keys at the back door of her Sea Island, New Jersey, cottage.  She dropped them with a clatter on the wooden deck and reached down to pick them up again. Nervous sparks arced between her fingers.  

 “And staticky.”


  1. Damn it, I’m just trying to protect you! Asmodai wants--

    Kaelin hit him again and leaned on Aidan’s throat long enough blackness spiraled around his peripheral and closed over his vision.

    “Kaelin. That’s enough, mate.”

    Aidan rolled over, sucking air and coughing. “--trying to--protect you. Give you time--”

    Kaelin stood over him, lighting a cigarette as if nothing had happened. There wasn’t even sand on his knees. “You, protecting me. What a joke.”

    Their elder cousin, Jason, leaned over the deck railing, rubbing his long fingers against his dark goatee. Silver rings climbing up each ear to the cartilage glinted in the sun, bright against his deep tan, and the tattoo of striking white snake glared from his bare chest. He gave Kaelin a sober look as he passed. “Rather harsh, Kaelin, even between brothers.”

  2. Very nice Christine. Makes me want to read the rest.

    Betsy, is that novel out yet? Quit teasing me . .


  3. So funny because I always have a different mental picture of Jason. I always thought of him as a younger, unpeirced Julian and the image just stuck.

    Even so... No wonder Ginger tried so hard to escape and be caught by him!


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