Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

I didn't do a Sunday Snapshot yesterday because I hadn't written anything and I wanted to make myself write something other than story threads.  But... I did all my writing on the internet this weekend.

I decided to stop feeling so bad about that. It's writing. It may not be publishable, but it keeps the old juices flowing. So this is the last thing I wrote.  How about you? Post in the comments.

It doesn't have to perfect. It doesn't even have to be good. It just has to be yours!

Ginger said...

(waits at the glass wall, looking outside at the whirling snow. bent figures hurry from the parking lot towards the building for the next exam period.

her vision seems to shift and she sees what she saw last night, only somewhat clearer: black trails like snakes or curls of smoke following people on the ground.

yet her magic rises against no unusual or particular threat. the people seem to suffer nothing worse than the usual stress of finals. she can perceive something else as well: something brighter than the snow, darting quickly down and attacking the snakes. it reminds her of the flashes of light from the gryphons in Belhanor. the snakes die or coil to strike back and they both disappear. she isn't sure who won.

the whole shifting three-in-one world of light and darkness and people blends together and blows in the door with a gust of cold wind as someone opens it. she realizes this is happening all the time. she's just never noticed it before.

snowflakes spatter her face and she flinches as if it were shrapnel.

when she opens her eyes again the vision is gone.)


  1. I thought that was very cool.

    Here's mine, from last week:

    "Don't. You know I'm right. I understand you love her. But you have a responsibility to your people. First, Your Highness. Always. Best you recall you're a prince, not some expendable gunner." Mattias glanced over his shoulder to where Katriel had gone. "Maybe she needs reminding of that as well."

    Aric didn't tell Mattias it had been his idea to gun for her, that he felt some sort of ....Crimes, I might as well admit it to myself... mystical sync in their teaming together in battle, transcending even their feelings for each other. As if all were right in the universe, or could be put right as long as they fought together.

    Mattias wouldn't waste jack on such nonsense. He was a good friend, a superior second. But he was practical to a fault. Aric sighed and bowed his head to his friend. "I'll take it under advisement."

  2. hmm...last thing i managed:

    He saluted her with his fork and broke off a piece and studied it for a moment. He never had eaten molasses before. When he saw Sam roll her eyes, he shoved the piece in before she could launch on some lecture. The molasses, combined with the buttery crumb topping was an explosion of sweetness, and deliciousness. He devoured the rest of the slice and took another from the pie tin. Sam, he noticed, had just as large of a second slice.

  3. Now you're making me hungry, Krista. Between the eggs and the giant potato at Come In Character, and your shoo-fly pie (I'm guessing that's what that is) my first-day-of-the-rest-of-my-diet is doomed already.

    So far, however, all I've had time for are two Excedrin and some water. *sigh*

  4. I'm a new follower here, so: nice to meet you!


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