Friday, February 5, 2010

Building a Fantasy World

Pam Halter at Fairies, Fantasy and Faith has a post up today about building fantasy worlds. What things do you think are important in creating a believeable setting? Check out her blog or feel free to comment here.

There is a very funny article - a true classic - called "How to Write a Best-Selling Fantasy Novel." Click on the link for a chuckle!

By the way, I'm home sick today and am watching the bonus features on the "Fellowship of the Ring" DVD. It is comforting to realize that, no matter how much world-building we authors must do, movie producers must do infinitely more. So let's think of great ways to torture the future producers of the movie versions of our novels, shall we? Bwahahahah!


  1. Hi, I'm out sick today, too. So I thought I'd visit some new blogs between writing and cleaning house. Thanks for the Fantasy world building links - I'm going to check them out next :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Christine.

  3. I love the bonus features on LOTR!
    Thanks for the link - I'll check that out, too.

    I mentioned on my blog that we fantasy writers need to be careful how we build our worlds, so we don't stray into sci-fi. My world is Earth-like, but it has three moons. That's about the only difference, physically. And I've set it back before electricity/running water or any other modern convienences. So, I have to be careful of what kinds of clothing, furniture, buildings I include. My people are skillful and able to do things medieval folks were able to do.

  4. Thank you, Bane! I am really, really sick. Too sick to write. Now that is bad.

    Madison, I hope you feel better, too!

  5. Sorry you're sick. I enjoyed your links. The "How to" was funny.

    I also commented at Pam's blog. Too much for a first visit I think. I need to work on being concise.

    Anyway, get some rest this weekend!


  6. I left you an award at my blog. Feel free not to play along, but have fun with it if you do.

  7. That post about how to write a fantasy novel had me laughing out loud. Hilarious. I just linked to it from my links blog (with credit to you). Thanks for a great link!

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer. That article always makes me laugh. Donna, thank you for the award! I won't post my answers to the questions here because I'm keeping this blog focused just on writing. But thank you!


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