Sunday, February 14, 2010

There's nothing like a nice bottle of red wine

Hmmmm.  I just had a lovely Valentine's dinner with my husband.  I made London broil, loaded baked potatoes, and a salad, which were complimented by a lovely bottle of red wine given to us by some dear friends, and some homemade chocolate-covered strawberries.  DH wanted to buy some, but they were so expensive, I decided to try it myself.  Turns out that nothing could be simpler.  Melt some chips in the microwave and dip clean, dry strawberries in them. Presto!  A gourmet treat.

DH introduced me to Enya.  I don't know what prompted my tough guy to pick up the Celtic crooner's CD's but he did.  I fell totally in love with the sound and atmosphere of them.  I had been struggling to find the right tone for my novel, and one night as we were driving back from an anniversary meal in Cape May (about an hour and a half from our home), he played the Amarantine CD in the car.  I was absolutely entranced.  "That's it,"  I thought.  "That is the music for my story."  I have listened to the CD's umpteen times since then.  The Memory of Trees.  A Day Without Rain.  And Winter Came.  Some of the songs even inspired plot points.

So tonight, with romantic feelings aglow, a nice little wine buzz, and Enya on the stereo (DH's doing), I am going to write for a while.  Time to get Marenya past her gryphon encounter and into her emotional confrontation with Faldur.  I've been avoiding it all week.  Well, I have been truly busy as well.  And I should prepare for tomorrow's classes. But, damn the torpedoes, I 'm going to write.

Nothing like a nice bottle of red wine to tempt the muse, while the rest of the family are busy with their own pursuits.


  1. This is so funny, because last night I too was drinking too much wine, and maybe that had something to do with my much needed Enya evening. And Enigma.

    I'm in the middle of a beta read, or I'd have been working on some revisions for my novel also. Enya seems to go perfect with any genre I think, as it really did help me focus on the reading; sort of set a mood.

    I'm glad you were with Marenya and Faldur last night. They sound so intriguing on CIC I can't wait see them published. Maybe I should send along a bottle of red wine - and chocolate strawberries - to assist that venture.

    This was a lovely few moments break for me. Thanks for the Enya fix.


  2. That is too funny, Donna! Actually what happened is... I hit a wall. I realized that I'm at the 33K mark, and this is where I stopped revising previously and went back to the beginning again. So now I'm looking at such a mess! It's so much more work now.

    Oh well, I'm just going to keep plodding through scene by scene.

    One of the difficulties is that this is a) the most spiritual scene so far, so I have to take care it doesn't come across as really cheesy, and b) is followed by an emotional confrontation between M and F, which also can't seem cheesy.

    Micro-tension. It's all about micro-tension now. Agh!

  3. PS I will take donations of wine any time. But I gave up chocolate for Lent. Darn! How am I going to write now? What was I thinking? Write without chocolate???

  4. Well, good luck with your Lent goal.

    As far as writing a hard scene; just get through it. Write whatever, and put it away, then look at it in revision later. I'm sure you will do fine.

    Good luck overall.



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