Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am banging my head this morning. Proverbially, of course. I would never do any damage to my precious, shiny laptop named Silver. I just don't feel like writing.  I'm so fed up and frustrated!


But I did make a cool brownie cake for my son's birthday party today.  I talked him into a cookie-sheet sized brownie instead of cupcakes. This is the third birthday party we've had for him in three consecutive weeks so I'm desperate for something different. Why so many parties?  Well, the actual day of his birthday we had other commitments, so I just invited his aunt and cousin over for dinner but we still did cake, presents and such.  Then we had another party last weekend with my family who were visiting from out of town, and this weekend is the children's party.  I reserved a picnic shelter at the park because there are so many kids.  Anyway, I decorated the brownie with white icing so that it looks like stars against the blackness of space and I added a Death Star and a little plastic Milennium Falcon.  He just woke up and I showed it to him and he loved it!

I'm a cool mom. Really, I am.  How many moms know the difference between an AT-ST, an AT-AT, and an AT-TE?  Okay, I don't exactly know the difference between all of those but I know they are different and that the AT-TE is from The Clone Wars.  It can climb cliff faces and the Lego version is about $80.  And takes all of Christmas day to assemble. I definitely know the difference between R2-D2 and R4-D4.  (R2-D2 is blue and flies with Anakin and Luke, R4-D4 is red and flies with Obi-Wan.  Now you know.)

Yes, I am very much digressing.

I envy George Lucas his legacy and his brilliant marketing skills.  One day, I hope to have a bunch of unknown actors become stars in the movie version of my book.

But first I must write it. And the truth is, I'm sick to death of it!  I wish I'd never started!  I think it's a hopeless jumble of once cool ideas that are now way past salvation!

There, I said it.  You may banish me to Hoth if you like.  I don't care.  I've always wanted to ride a tauntaun anyway.


  1. let's banish ourselves to Naboo instead. it's prettier and Hoth is too cold. (and i know there are differences between those vehicles,too.) anyway, i haven't been working on mine as long as you have, but i'm sick to death of mine as well. but if we go to Naboo, maybe we can get the suckers finished. on the other hand, being there, with the nice weather and all, it might be too distracting. sigh.

  2. Banish you to Hoth! Very funny. You're a great mom to make a brownie cake for your son's birthday. Yummy!

    Don't give up on your writing. Write something else if you have to and then go back to it.

  3. Unfortunately, I think we all hit a point where we start to loathe our manuscript. I think it's an official stage of revision, lol. For me, I usually have to step away for a few days or weeks and work on something else (or nothing at all.) Sometimes it helps for me to spend some time reading for fun and giving my editing mind a break. Then, I go can go back to it and hate it a little less. Good luck and hope your son has fun at his party. :)

  4. We all reach this point eventually. Don't give up! Start a new project, one that's shiny and new, one you're excited about.

  5. Oh dear - the pit.
    Shelve it and work on project two for a month or two. When you go back to it the elements that made you love it will be glittering on the page again.

  6. Thank you all for the sage advice. The only problem is... 1) I have no other project. I am not ALLOWED any other projects until I finish this one. 2) I have already shelved this so many times it's not even funny. I'm in my fourth year of writing it.

    Fortunately, however, there is lots of leftover brownie to keep me going.

  7. So I'm curious why you aren't allowed to write any other projects. Something I've learned from my first novel is that stepping away from it for a time gave me great perspective. Sometimes you are too close/sick of a story that you can't see it correctly. Perhaps outline a new project, read a few books, write a chapter or two of a new draft. I really recommend that you start something else, because when you finally FINISH your book (and you will) you'll have something else to fall back on. Otherwise, it is really, really hard to get back on the writing horse again.

  8. I love that you named your laptop Silver. Hee hee!

    I read a great post on loathing your story the other day. It really helped me, cause that's where I am too. It's here:

  9. Kristal, the reason I'm not allowing myself anything else is because I know that the things I'm struggling with can't be resolved by postponing them. I just have to apply myself and push through. It's "fish or cut bait time."

    I also have a deadline for myself. This absolutely must be finished this summer. I don't want to leave it hanging if my life takes a sudden, different turn career-wise.

    The main reason, though is that the Holy Spirit keeps breathing down my neck. "Finish the book."

  10. Sierra, that is an awesome link! Thank you. I'm going to add it to my "Useful links" on the sidebar.

    Michelle, no, we may not go to Naboo. Naboo is the reward for finishing, not the punishment for quitting. Besides, I must lose about 30 pounds before I can wear one of those diaphanous outfits.

  11. If I hate it, I write on something else, usually a short story or two.

    I'd also suggest you relax and enjoy the process, and maybe find a new book to read, preferably a ~good~ author you've never read. That'll shake things loose.

    - Eric


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