Friday, July 16, 2010

The Constant Revision Contest

A friend of mine, Simon C. Larter at Constant Revision, is having a contest.  It is called the Simon Has Too Much Crap In His House And Has To Give Some Away (SHTMCIHHAHTGSA) Contest!

Simon is rather droll.

Simon is the twisted soul who hosted the 'PG/MG Sex Scene Blogfest' back in March.  (My entry, by the way, if you didn't see it the first time around, is here. I took it on as a challenge.)

Simon is my first ever Real Life In Person Writer Blogging Friend ever.  Meaning that I met him in person (at our writer's group) before I found his blog.  I just didn't realize that was him until last night.  Which is a little scary.  I mean, all my other bloggy writing friends live in far away places with exotic names like "Phoenix."  What better locale for a fantasy writer than a place named after a mythical bird?

But Simon is also one knock-your-socks off writer.  I mean really.  His fiction is ... well.... uncommonly good.  Check out his Bad Girl Blogfest Entry, which he read out loud to the group last night. I was riveted. And I don't even like that kind of stuff.

I didn't enter that blogfest because, well, I don't have any bad girls.  All my girls are virtuous, true, lovely and honest.  Like myself. (heh heh)

Okay, now that I have sufficiently warmed you up, go check out Simon's contest.

P.S. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, and am not planning to blog while away even though I am bringing Silver, my trusty laptop along.  But I have scheduled my Blogfest of Death entry to post on Sunday.

Have fun, and be good.  Don't forget to "Write First, Blog Later."


  1. i never thought about Phoenix being mystical. it's just a place to live. a really hot place to live. i mean 116 degrees hot. but it's cooler than saying I live in Mesa, because, 1, no one knows where Mesa is, and 2, Mesa just means table. nothing mythical about that.

    (wait, did i just use the word "cooler" and Phoenix in the same sentence? this obviously an oxymoron, and this is what happens when i comment on a blog post just minutes after waking up.)

  2. But it makes perfect sense for Phoenix to be a really hot place to live, doesn't it?

    Wow, you read my post just minutes after waking up? I'm honored!

  3. Heh. Thanks for the contest mention, Christine. You haz extra points now!

    And I'm droll? What a lovely compliment!

    Nice to meetcha the other night. We should do that again sometime. Like, perhaps, the third Thursday of next month? Is that good for you? :)



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