Monday, July 5, 2010

The Great Push Begins

Twelve days.  One hundred thousand words.  The big rewrite begins.

Can I do it?  Only with commitment to my task.  And lots of caffeine.

I have enough material written to piece the whole thing together, except for the ending. I won't write the last chapter until I'm ready to be done.  But everything else is there, in some form or another.  It's just a matter of putting it all together.

Rolling up my sleeves.  Coffee close at hand.  All is quiet at 5 a.m. except the birds outside the door.

Egads, they are loud!  All the better to keep me awake.

Let's roll.

 (I was at the Art Museum on Saturday with a friend, then came home and watched 'Girl With a Pearl Earring.' I saw it as not just a perfect way to end the day at the museum, but a form of period research.  Now I feel fully inspired.  This is another Vermeer painting: Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid.  The maid is my heroine, Marenya, and I am the woman writing while she looks out the window thinking "When will you be done?")



  2. Nope, not kidding! I am on vacation and need to finish this puppy. I want to read it out loud to my grandmother when I visit later this month. Her eyes are too bad to read it herself, and I don't have a tape recorder any more.

  3. Vermeer is one of my favorite artists!

  4. This...this is a genius idea. How did you pick how many words to get through? I ask only because this seems like something i would like to try at some point...

  5. 100,000 is my goal for a full manuscript. I need it to be done.


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