Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Which I Become A Convert

Okay, I have to admit that I'm starting to become converted to the whole plot structure idea. I'm still doubtful whether I could come up with a complete "three act story" prior to writing, but it does help identify the key points to emphasize.  I'm already finding things to strengthen. Today I'm working on identifying the emotional storylines for both protagonists, and separating the main adventure plot from the romantic subplot.

So, um... it uh... kind of looks like *cough* I may have been wrong to disdain outlining.

A lot of the credit goes to my instructor, Steve Alcorn, for presenting the material in a logical, simple way that I could actually understand.


  1. See, you do write like JK Rowling: the I Write Like site was psychic.
    I'm glad you have Steve to guide you in your writing journey.

  2. Not everyone needs to outline, but for me it's the only way I can see a story through to the end. Characters come easy for me, but plots don't, hence the need for a plot structure. If I deviate from it, that's okay, but if I have no road map at all, my characters will wander wherever the mood takes them.

    You're basically an analytical person, so starting with a structure, even if it changes later on, would seem to be a wise strategy.

  3. Embrace the plotting. You know you want to.... :)


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