Saturday, January 8, 2011

79,602 Words

I am now at 79,602 words of my nth draft.  Since I keep going back to the beginning and starting over, this is actually only the second draft of this latter portion of the book.

Plot is key at this point - it's pretty much all tension and action.  Groan!  Why couldn't I have written a nice children's book about cute furry mice or something like that?

If you also write fantasy, in case you aren't insecure enough already, here's a excellent article at "Writing World" which I re-discovered recently:
Keeping Your Fantasy Armies a Little Less Fantastic


  1. because your mind wants a much bigger story with higher stakes.

    and the article is great. it's helped me number my "hoardes."

  2. That's life AND writing--starting over. Or, in my case, rearranging (the furniture, the cupboards, etc. etc.)

  3. 79000 is a lot of words, I don't think you should worry too much about that at this point. I also don't think good writers can ever be satisfied with their own writing :)

  4. I like your fantasy. I'm glad you write it.

    That link is useful. Thanks.


  5. Good luck with the rest of your revisions. The numbers of hoards was very useful too.

  6. Ann, I have a couple of family members who live to re-arrange. My grandfather said he never knew where the furniture would be when he came home from work.

    Donna - your encouragement means so much to me!

    Michelle - of course you are right. But what is a blog for but to grumble sometimes?

    SH - yes, I'm starting to think I need to stop worrying about whether it's good enough and just finish the wretched thing.

    Elaine - I'm so glad you stopped by, as always! I know I don't respond to comments as often as I used to, but I love hearing from you even if it's just a quick comment. How is Flower these days?

  7. ooh, i'm off to check that out right now. Thanks!

  8. WhooHoo! Congrats on the word count and the nth time through! That's a lot of work and you deserve a mini-celebration!


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