Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anniversary Contest Prizes!

Announcing the prizes in the "You've Come A Long Way, Baby" contest/blogfest!  You don't have to participate in the blogfest to be entered in the contest.  Winners will be chosen randomly among everyone who has become a follower of The Writer's Hole and posted a comment that they want to enter, by Saturday, Feb. 5th.

You can earn additonal entries as follows:

+1 for promoting the contest on your blog
+1 each for tweeting or posting on FB
+2 entries if you put up a sample of your own early-in-my-learning-process, sort-of-awful-but-I-don't-mind-embarassing-myself writing.
+1 more for a rewrite of it, showing off your improved skills.

Please let me know if you've promoted the contest and in what forms, so I can give you credit for it.

To enter the blogfest, sign up on Mr. Linky below.

You've Come A Long Way Baby Blogfest/Contest
 Saturday, Feb. 5th

(P.S. I have no idea why Mr. Linky is acting so weird, but the links appear to work despite the red X's.)

Now for the prizes:

One lucky winner will receive a 2011 'Butterflies by Wendi" calendar featuring incredible butterfly photos by my good friend, Wendi Marchesani. 

Another lucky winner will receive a gorgeous Starbuck's travel mug with the blue starburst design, and filled with chocolate.  (I promised that Starbuck's and chocolate would come into somehow!)

Last, but not least, a third very lucky winner will receive a copy of Eldala by Michelle Gregory.  Update: Michelle has informed me that she can send a personally signed copy to the winner, or if you prefer, get a free download of the e-book from Smashwords.  For more information about this compelling fantasy-romance, look here.

So hurry up and join, and spread the word!  The contest ends Feb. 5th. Thank you all for helping me celebrate my anniversary.


  1. Congrats! Awesome...count me in.

  2. Oh goodie, contest, blogfest and prizes all at once!! I'm in for all of the above and will share your Facebook link with my peeps, announce it in my next blog post and tweet it that same day.

    Awesome prizes, too. I've got my eye on that signed copy of Michelle's Eldala!

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  3. I have had so much fun looking for the different versions of NEAR EDGWARE. Draft 1 is only on the old computer but I made a print out copy of the whole thing - bless ;) I posted early because tomorrow will be a busy day. I'm looking forward to reading all the posts :)

  4. I read about the blogfest on Nicole's site, but was captured when I saw your profile...I too am a mother, teacher, writer, wife but love the dyfunctional piece you added :) ...aren't we all!?

  5. Hola, found this on LB Diamond's post. Excited to be here. I am an aspiring author of mushy love stories set along the Jersey Shore.

  6. Cool site. I understand dysfunctional relationships with novels. :-)

  7. Hi Dawnell and Charli! Thanks so much for coming by. Charli, I'm looking forward to reading your entry.

    Dawn, is there any such thing as a healthy relationship with a novel? I don't think so.


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