Monday, January 24, 2011

Write, Blog or Sleep?

I am so tired.  I kind of wish I were a vampire so I could stay up all night.  If I did stay up all night, I would look like a vampire... all pale and stringy-haired. Not glittery.  I don't think I could do glitter.

Anyway, I really appreciate everyone who has promoted and joined the contest.  Yay!  So far it looks like any of you have a really good chance of winning.  Heh heh.  "Several will enter, three will win."

But this brings up the whole writing/blogging issue that so many of us struggle with.  I have been known to say "write first, blog later" [*ahem*] but I really tend to blog first.  Today I did the opposite.  I woke up at 3 a.m. because my son had the bright idea to set his alarm for 3:00 so he could get up early.  Who got up?  ME.  Then I couldn't go back to sleep.  I got a couple of hours of really good writing in... I love when the house is quiet.

But I'm wondering how I can promote my contest and keep the blog presence going and finish my novel in March.  And there's the little matter of my day job.  Pesky things, day jobs.

Any thoughts?  Magic wands? Foolproof potions? Seriously, how important do you think an online presence really is compared to having a good manuscript?
And I'm not just talking about blogging, because the truly serious are on FB and Twitter and god knows what else these days.

Speaking of magic, Michelle Gregory, my fantastic blogging buddy, has made a button to help promote the blogfest.  She waved her wand over the computer and made this little puppy.  So if you would like to put it on your blog, just copy the code below the photo and put it in the sidebar of your blog in an "Add a Gadget > Add java script or HTML code" box.

Have a great week!


  1. What is this 'sleep' of which you speak?

  2. waved my hand over my computer? i wish. what fantasy world do you live in? glad i could help, and though it wasn't a wave of the wand, i did enjoy working on it.

  3. i could use that magic to get past a pesky scene.

  4. It a period of inactivity during which humans lose consciousness while their cells regenerate, Bru.

    So sorry you can't sleep!

    Michelle - I hate those pesky scenes.

  5. Oh dear! I didn't know 3am existed! ;)

    I think it's more important to write, but I gotta admit, I let the blogging stuff distract me...

  6. Wow, 3am! Glad you made good use of the time. I've been pondering this question, too. In fact, it weighed on me enough that I started a new series on my blog that focuses on how authors have marketed their books--including how an online presence has helped (or not) that process. Jody Hedlund's insightful experience is still up from yesterday. Happy writing!

  7. Doing what you enjoy is the most important thing. If you want to write, do so for the love of it. The same can be said of blogging and tweeting. Don't do it because you need an online presence to sell books. Do it because you want to connect with readers. Or don't do it at all. If your book is good enough, it won't matter (IMHO).

    Hope you get some rest! :)


  8. having the same quandary. I tell myself that i will blog first to get warmed up but then get distracted and waste time.


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