Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's a universal truth
That when the writer's muse is hiding
The primary topic she writes about
Is writing.

If the author is feeling tired,
Her characters fall asleep.
If she's been thwarted in love,
The hero is chained in a keep.

But if she is dieting
What miserable tragedies then
Will be unfurled in the fictional world
By the tip of her omnipotent pen.

~ Christine Hardy


  1. Any external distractions, like a grumbling stomach have to interfere with the writing process, Christine. Think of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, hunger first. But you've managed it here, it seems or are you just pretending to be 'on a diet'?

  2. Which begs the question of what it says about my life that I write about a succession of slightly incompetent heroes.

  3. ROFL, Stu! I don't know, what does it say? An inferiority complex, perhaps?

    Elisabeth, I *should* be on a diet, but I'm not currently. One mustn't interfere with one's art, now should one?

  4. Hi - I think it might be fun to join in however
    a) from the UK
    b) am one of those who have 3 books behind me!!!! the first one did take a few years to reach self publishing maturity and I do have a mass of time (retired and no family to distract!)

    so if you don't mind these - would love to join you - still consider myself a new author


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